Support in each stage of the Product Lifecycle

Professional IP searches are a valuable basis to make well-founded decisions in every stage of the Product Lifecycle. The experts of ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH accompany you during the various stages of the product development - from the first idea to the introduction to the markets.

Idea Generation

You are interested in the patent landscape of a particular technology area and identifying new opportunites to establish new products? In order to enable you to take maximum advantage of your ideas, we will provide you with sector analyses and use patent literatur to investigate the fields of innovation. (Patent Intelligence – Technology Report)

Concept Development

You want to make a good concept out of your idea? Let us research whether your idea is already known from prior art. Might your potential invention be protected by another one's protective right already? Avoid investing in useless duplicated developments. (Prior Art Search)


Is your concept ready for product development? Let us research whether your embodiments are infringing third parties' protective rights. This will ensure a sustainable use of your resources and avoid the risk of being sued. (Freedom to Operate / Infringement Search)

The details of the products are getting more and more specific and you are looking for an appropriate name for it? Trademarks are symbols that will always identify your products. Let us support you in naming or branding. We will research whether there are registered trademarks that are similar to or identical with the name you want to use. (Trademark Searches)

Your product has design features that you believe render your product distinctive? You may wish to know whether your design is unique. The ABP experts will search designs that are probably infringed by your product thereby providing you with a basis for making decisions on applying for own design patents. (Design Searches)

Test - Prototyping

Newly acquired findings have caused that you modify or amend your product? Your prototypes are now different from the original conceptual design? Make sure that your new embodiments do not infringe third parties' protective rights. In good time before your product is launched. (Freedom to Operate / Infringement Search)


You have now successfully launched your product and your trademark catches both customer's and competitor's attention. Have you already identified your free riders in order to be able to respond immediately? (Trademark Monitoring)

What is the future direction of your technological area? Are there any new competitors and what are the known ones doing? ABP contiuously provides new information tailored to your fields of interest. On request, an experienced ABP searcher will pre-select the results, thereby ensuring that you will only recieve those IPR documents which are relevant for you. This will allow you to concentrate on the most important facts. (Patent, Trademark and Design Monitoring)

Which countries represent suitable markets for a product launch? Where are the resources and capacities for the market cultivation? Who are the players in these markets or countries? How rapidly are the competitors developing or growing? ABP Patent Intelligence will answer these questions. (Patent Intelligence – Patent Benchmark)

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