Punctual payment of the renewal fee at the patent office

Maintaining your patents, trademarks and design patents requires continuous monitoring and punctual payment of fees to the patent office and/or trademark office. ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH keeps track of your entire intellectual property portfolio for you.

As a reliable partner at reasonable costs ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH handles your fees on your behalf – worldwide. Irrespective of whether

  • due date administration,
  • punctual reminders,
  • release,
  • order to monitor fee payment effected at the patent and/or trademark office.

International network of ABP for global service

The requirements for a competent and responsible fee management are based in the many years of experience and the international network of ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH.

Our partner offices all over the world ensure that the renewal fees are transferred to the respective competent patent office in a cost-efficient and reliable way.

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