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"The most important things that allow providing high-quality services are highly motivated employees and a relationship to customers that is based on partnership and characterized by confidence."

Ing Anton Burger

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Anton Burger

Managing director


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After working as a technical assistant with several industrial enterprises and law firms specialized in the field of intellectual property and advising reputable companies in Switzerland on matters related to intellectual property, Anton Burger founded the company ABP in the year 1979. It was and it is Anton Burger’s vision to provide industrial companies with IP services for strengthening their position on the international market.

On the basis of his decades of experience, Anton Burger has comprehensive know-how in the field of intellectual property, particularly in the sector of patent and trademark searches and management of protective rights. He was one of the first who started developing a software product specializing in the administration of protective rights which is now – after he has successfully established it in his own company – continued to be developed and offered to his customers.

In addition to the offices in Germany and China, Anton Burger also manages ABP PATENT NETWORK AG in Switzerland founded at the beginning of the year 2013. Together with competent cooperation partners, Anton Burger has a worldwide network available and developed ABP PATENT NETWORK GmbH to be an internationally acting service company in the field of intellectual property.